Remedial repairs

Remedial repairs

ClearView Surveys are able to offer a variety of drainage repair techniques ranging from no-dig localised patch repairs, full length liners to replacement by excavation. Depending on the site conditions and the defects within the pipeline, ClearView Surveys experienced engineers will decide in conjunction with the client on the appropriate repair technique to be utilised.

Despite cross section loss, relining will improve flow characteristics

Fast, effective and economical repairs without renovation

Type 2 structural lining systems in accordance with the Sewer Rehabilitation Manual

The structural lining and patch repair system can be used to solve a variety of defects from cracked and broken pipes to sealing against infiltration and root infestation. Due to the rapid installation of the structural liner and patch repairs disruption is kept to a minimum with the pipeline being out of commission for a short space of time.

Upon completion of the lining, lateral connections are reopened using a robotic cutter and a CCTV survey is carried out for quality assurance purposes.

If no-dig renovation techniques are not suitable for the sewer conditions, ClearView surveys have the in house capabilities to undertake conventional drainage repairs.

Pipe Lining

Pipe lining not only offers a no-dig renovation method for damaged pipes, but they can also be used to eliminate problems such as ground water and root ingress.

Patch Repairs

Patch repairs are a no-dig renovation solution for small localised sections of damaged pipes. If determined suitable for the repair they can be a more cost effective alternative to full length liners.

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