Impermeable area studies

Impermeable area studies

Clearview Surveys have in house teams capable of carrying out Impermeable / contributing area surveys.

Using a variety of monitoring and assessment techniques, including acoustic testing, dye tracing and cctv, we are able to provide evidence of where rainwater that hits hard standing areas ultimately drains to.

Sampling rates variable to suit client requirements

Colour coded maps provide instant feedback of network issues

Identify the source of sewage pollutions

Area maps are colour coded according to where the rainwater enters the network, which gives an immediate visual overview of the area. Areas that need urgent attention can then be easily identified.

Sewer Connections

Impermeable area studies also assist in identifying any storm water connections to the foul network and where foul sewage enters the storm water system and causes pollution to watercourses.

Survey Sampling

Survey sampling rates can be varied to suit the exact requirements of the client and the location type.

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