CCTV Surveys

CCTV surveys

ClearView Surveys are capable of surveying pipe and ductwork from 75mm up to 2500mm diameter. Utilising the latest generation of digital inspection systems and custom made survey units we are able to provide the solution to a wide range of CCTV survey requirements.

Survey reports in accordance with WRc manual of sewer classification

Cost effective solution to determine structural condition

State of the art digital inspection systems

All survey units have built in office sections for on board reporting utilising water authority approved Wincan software. All operators are WTI trained and reports are produced in accordance with the latest WRc Manual of Sewer Classification.

The survey data is delivered in mpeg format utilising the latest cloud based systems. Schematic or full Autocad drawings are also available depending on the clients preference. Recommendations and costings on remedial repairs are also provided if required.

Mini and Mainline CCTV units

Mini mainline units are equipped with flexible coiler and tractor systems for surveying up to 600mm diameter; Mainline pan & tilt for up to 2500mm diameter.

Remote Surveys

For inaccessible locations 4×4 survey units featuring fully portable removable systems are available.

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